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After completing the wiring I am now pretty much Sparkfun free, but now I have to figure out initialization stuff. I come from the UGS world where even my HDZ was configured via the command line. Initially I had the use the $2 command to do some axis reversing. Now I need to make sure the parameters for the XL and the HDZ are set up correctly. The documentation is inconsistent and documentation doesn’t match the UI.

I managed to find the HDZ setting in motion but its says “Shapeoko 3 HDZ,” No setting for the XL and HDZ combination.

A couple of questions:

  1. I had to do an axis reverse command. Can I assume Motion will leave that alone since there is no way to set it in the UI?

  2. Is there any documentation for what GRBL commands are being set? I’d like do be able to verify (via $$) my settings. In general I am curious what Motion is doing behind my back (I am used to the UGS world) and when it issues the commands (every connect? only when asked?)

  3. The documentation says that motion will ask my table size (XL) and my Z size (HDZ). It never asked me about XL (because I set it via command?). I assume it did something when I said I had an HDZ?

Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

Rather than reverse in Grbl you should just power down and rewire the Z-axis stepper so that the defaults work.

For 517 and later see:

which also has Grbl defaults.

I’ve always found the GRBL direction settings flaky on all controllers. I started reversing Z only and ended up with Y only ($2=2) which seems to work fine in UGS and Motion so not sure why I want change the wiring.

If I did change wiring what would I reverse? Right now all molex connectors are made to connect like the final picture in my wiring thread. Please reply “Take the a-color wire and swap it with the b-color wire.” One of the reasons I am reluctant is that we’re talking Y so its two motors.

In fiddling with Motion (build 565 the latest) I did find the dialog box which does both XL and HDZ as opposed to the one below it that only does Z hardware for some reason (?)

I infer from all this that there is no “bible” of settings where Carbide documents the various GRBL settings for various configuration(s)?

on the board, unplug y-1 and y-2 and swap their positions
sorry, I don’t have a picture to provide

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