Carbide motion not showing jog on screen

new to the cnc world and down loaded all the software to my window 10 laptop .
plug the laptop to the xxl unit and it will not show me the arrows to move anything or any jog functions .any help will be appreciated.

We’re you able to connect to the machine and then initialize it?

yes i can connect to the unit just fine

When you connect, what do you see? If you see a JOG menu item, does anything happen when you click it?

After you connect, when you press the button to Initialize it, what happens?

Please write in to

The unit will move back and the z will come down into it hits the table.

I don’t think finding the jog controls should be your primary concern if the machine doesn’t initialise properly.

Have you brought up the settings in Carbide Motion and sent the correct configuration to your machine? It won’t work properly until you do that.

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In that case you need to configure the machine.

Please see:

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