Carbide Motion running 32bit on 64bit PC?

I noticed carbide motion was really really slow and laggy on my laptop, I used task manager to quit it and noticed that it said 32 bit. My pc is 64 bit. I deleted it and redownloaded everything from the Carbide 3d website but it still says 32 bit and is running pretty slow. How do I fix this?


Carbide Motion is provided as a 32-bit app since many folks use it on older laptops and so forth which they are willing to leave out in the shop — it’s also not a very demanding app, so should run well on pretty much any system it will load onto.

That said, I’ve found it’s best to have it as the only application running, and to reboot the computer before a cutting session.


You could try running it in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows. There should be a way to troubleshoot compatibility, using option 2 at this link:

Also, Google Chrome and AD Fusion will eat up system resources, so keep those closed while running CM. If your system gets low enough on resources it could hang, which would be disastrous during a cnc operation.

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Rebuilding CM to switch from a 32 bit app to a 64 bit app wouldn’t make the app any faster. The 32 → 64 bit change makes the most difference for apps that use a lot of memory, or if it allows the app to use some special purpose features of the CPU. Neither is the case here.

In some cases, rebuilding from 32 bits to 64 bits actually makes the app slightly slower, since the app now uses more memory. The extra memory fetches can slow things down.

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Carbide motion is running really slow for some reason, even with everything else closed. For example, when I go click connect to cutter it doesn’t register the mouse as hovering over it until 20-30 seconds later. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this? I’m running Windows 11 on a new Acer with a i5 1235 U and upgraded 32gb of ram stripped from another laptop. Every other app works normally.

Edit: It seems that if I open a second instance of Carbide motion it seems to work more or less normally, and the first instance kind of disappears (I can’t alt+tab back to it but it is visible if I hold alt+tab). If I close carbide motion only the working second instance will close, the first instance cannot be closed unless I go through task manager.

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