Carbide Office Hours Livestream #7 - More Textures & Topography

Hey folks! Not only am I pleased to announce the topic of the next livestream (Intermediate Level Carbide Create Pro Techniques), but I also did not need to delegate this announcement to Luke! I plan on covering how to use some of the other blending modes for components (Min/Max/Equal), the texture tool, and some additional open-ended experiments I’m doing with topographic carvings. Stream will start at 1:30 PM Pacific Time on May 1 (Friday).

Additional Carbide Create questions welcome, as well as suggestions for future topics. Leave them below!


On topographic carvings, I’m curious, do you think it’s doable in metal on the Nomad? I think it could look really cool.

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Yes, that should be perfectly feasible on the Nomad — if anything it would be easier since you’d be able to use MeshCAM’s more power toolpathing.

Hmm, I’ll have to give it a go then.

Not a question, just an idea: Winston showed that the Nomad can resolve high levels of detail in graphite. If we invert the heightmap, instead of carving a piece directly, we could carve a mold and then pour a molten metal like silver or gold into it and end up with some really cool jewelry without material waste.

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My understanding is the jewelers who use Nomads carefully gather up all their chips for remelting.

One thing which I remember vividly from when I was younger, but haven’t seen in ages was a device for jewelers to wash their hands in after working with precious metals — it would filter the water and capture tiny particles of metal. Emptied each year it could easily have over an ounce in a busy shop.


Excited for this! I definitely felt like I was fumbling around a little with CC Pro when making my contest entry, so this should help a bunch. Thanks @wmoy for doing this! Another helpful video to add to your great library :boom:

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Think it would be more beneficial to have themed content that is around the/a contest, before or at the start, not at the end :slight_smile:

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