Community challenge #7, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Allright, time to vote for challenge #7 winners.

I’m sure we’ll see additional creative use of CC Pro in the future.
Creating interesting grayscale heightmaps + CC Pro = endless possibilities!

Same old rule: voting is open to legit community members only

Reminder: don’t miss the Carbide Office Hours Livestream #7 tonight to hear @wmoy describe his process for this entry !

Poll will close on May 7th midnight PST, let’s see who’s going to get that sweet HDZ !


Bump. Final chance to vote!
See y’all tomorrow for the results.


Thanks again for putting another one of these contests on @Julien ! It seems like lots of people learned some cool stuff about CC Pro (myself included) and we were able to have fun projects in spite of everything going on in the world :blush:

Keep it up!


And the winner is @ColdCoffee! :champagne:
I must say I would have been quite disappointed it it hadn’t been the case, that Portal companion cube is just awesome. Now, how will you fit the HDZ inside your Nomad is another question, that I will leave to you and @Jorge to sort out :slight_smile:

Second place goes to @Radiation for the creative use of lighting associated to terrain relief carving, nice idea and execution.

And the jury’s prize…was not easy to pick, so I will stick to my initial thought, I just like @fenrus Hexagon thing a lot, and he wrote the tool that makes using CC Pro twice as fun, so as far as I am concerned he gets bonus points for that!

Oh, and what’s the mystery prize, I hear you ask? Well it shall remain a mystery, so I’ll let @Radiation and @fenrus tell you when they get it.

Thanks again for participating, hopefully we all learned a thing or two in the process (I know I did), and I will see you in challenge #8 soon.