Carbide Router Speed Setting Clarity

I posted in this in software but nobody answered so figured I would try my luck here. Carbide Motion Beta says what to set the CCR dial to for speeds but it differs from the chart put out here: Carbide Compact Router speeds - #2 by WillAdams Does anyone know which is more accurate?

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I don’t know (and I’m not sure anyone else has actually measured it, which is probably why you did not get an anwer). What differences do you see ?

In most materials getting the RPM just right does not really matter, if you are 5-10% from the target value that’s good enough, unless you’re milling titanium.

Also, if you need/want to be sure, get one of those laser tachometer, $20 on Amazon:


I got one when I upgraded to a spindle and needed to calibrate my RPM, it’s cheap and handy.


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I also got a laser tachometer when I got my machine. My router is close to the posted speeds. Agree, that if you are within 10 percent there are no issues. As I rotate my speed control, I can get half way between each to select “minor” changes to the ultimate speed desired.

Good luck


Great, thank you! I will do that just for clarity/personal curiosity.

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