CarbideMotion and firmware updates

In this post from back in February, Rob states that stopping the spindle during a pause is part of the new firmware. Now, I’ve upgraded to the latest version of CM (more than once this year), but my Nomad still leaves the spindle running when I use Pause. Is there an additional manual step required to upgrade the firmware as well? I’ve trawled the forum archives, but haven’t found any mention any special requirements for obtaining all the latest&greatest features. Is there a critical extra step I’ve somehow managed to overlook?

You can try to hit Manual MDI (hit M), and then typing M5 to stop the spindle. M3 will bring it back on.
Hope this helps as workaround.

Well, no luck, I’m afraid. “Pause” halts the axis motors, but leaves the spindle spinning. Typing “m5” or “M5” into the MDI window and hitting “Send” did nothing.

Okaaay… maybe it did do something. But not where I expected. When I resumed the job, it made a few more passes, then suddenly the spindle stopped but the axes kept moving as if nothing were the matter. I was doing long parallel passes on the top of the stock at the time, so my best guess is that it has something to do with the GCode lines. When I hit Pause the first time, I was midway through a pass, and hence partway through a single GCode command. The spindle didn’t stop until 2-3 GCode lines late, by my estimate.
(and I checked – there are NO spindle commands in the GCode file except at the very beginning and end, and I was ~35% through the file)

happened same to me. After I did resumed it started to execute all my commands during MDI mode:)

I wonder how I can fix this the right way and do the firmware update for nomad controller so spindle will stop during “Pause” action

It would be a really nice if a feature was added to Carbide motion to “Stop Spindle” when in pause mode… I’ve lost several parts (and a couple bits) due to cuttings gumming things up when working with plastics. I had no idea it was even possible to stop the spindle during a pause and I wasn’t going to stick a tool into the work space with it running! In lieu of a convenient stop spindle button, I’m going to try giving the M3/M5 commands a try. Thanks for the tip!

So I went to test this today. I started a job in Carbide Motion, clicked pause, hit M on my keyboard… and nothing. Am I expecting a window to pop up or something? Thanks!