Carbon filter filter for Sweepy V2

Made this for laser cutting wood. Venting outside not an option when it’s -20 out.

Remove the sweepy brush cover, jam this up there, friction fit with a 1 degree taper. I swivel my sweepy ovecr a bit so it’s closer to the laser which mounts on the left side of the spindle mount. Run my dust extractor which has a HEPA filter.

Here you can just barely see the fan on top of the laser between the hose and makita.


Neat, what are you using for the carbon filter?

It’s just some carbon filter material from amazon that I cut into circles. Got a stack of maybe 20 in there as they are only 4mm thick. Might cut out a piece of my furnace filter next time I change it (MERV 11) and put it in front just as a pre-filter.

There’s not a ton of airflow but still plenty for the small amount of smoke. I don’t use my laser to actually cut, just engrave wood. I haven’t tried cutting yet, but I would probably only do it in the summer with the garage door open.

cool idea! would you mind sharing your file?

SweepyCarbonFilter-Lid.stl (70.8 KB)
SweepyCarbonFilter-Housing.stl (172.1 KB)

Sure, here you go. You’ll need a fairly dialed in printer for the lid as-is. If you have fitment issues you can scale the lid to 99 ir 98 to help it fit. It’s a tight friction fit.


Awesome! Really appreciate it.