Smoke Eater - 80mm spindle mount

Inspired by Carbon filter filter for Sweepy V2 and @CNCInspiration I’ve come up with my twist on addressing laser smoke issues. Not much real world use yet so hacks/refinements may be necessary.

Files/links posted later if requested.


I see you’ve used it! Isn’t it crazy how quickly the carbon filter lightens in color?!

Yep. Tap it on a white background and check out all the fine particles you haven’t inhaled.

I’ll continue to wear a KN95 while lasering with the garage shut.

I look forward to summer - I’ll pop out one of my garage door plastic windows and 3D print an insert so I can exhaust it straight outside. For winter I think you have the right idea with a respirator.

Looks great Griff! I need to get a laser, will definitely need these files. let see some pics of that setup in action!

Good idea. I’m pondering how to exhaust my CNC Vac-in-a-box outside. It sits in the far corner of my garage next to the garage door. I’ll most likely just crack the door and run a length of hose under it. It’s never really cold in my neck of the woods so this should work ok.

I have one of those 4" inline duct fans meant for grow-ops off Amazon. That and some dryer vent should move plenty of air. I’ll skip the filter alltogether if exhausting outside to eliminate any flow restrictions.

High praise indeed, thanks Max. I’ll attach the files.

For the smoke eater body, I’m thinking of completely encircling the Laser to really minimize lost smoke. What do you think of the idea of prototyping a two piece slip fit design? Mostly to reduce total print time while perfecting the surround design. Any suggestions appreciated.

Smoke Eater Components (424.3 KB)
Be advised, my F360 skills are rudimentary, just enough to get it done so you get what you pay for.

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I don’t know if using a laser causes vibration the same as milling material does, but anything not clamped or bolted down ends up falling off in my experience.

A concern to be sure. I’ve been using the snap ring design almost since I got the laser in 2017, no issues with movement during jobs. Of course, low power lasers require low speeds so…YMMV

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