Carving an Egg Relief in CC

Good evening. My latest project idea is to make an egg platter with the spots for the eggs routed out. Since I am using Carbide Create I don’t have a 3D option, but figured if I can get several tool passes that get smaller and deeper it would have a close enough effect for what I am doing. I spent some time working on the design and can get the shape with a little bit of extra sanding, but not as close as I want. Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this?
egg test.c2d (116 KB)

Draw things up in profile — see:

and cut as a series of pockets.

Note that you can’t use even offsets — you need a series of them increasing — draw things up in profile:

and then measure each inset:

and repeat this until you arrive at something like:

egg test example.c2d (164 KB)

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Thank you Will. This is exactly what I had banging around in my head, but I couldn’t figure it out. I never thought about doing the profile. You’re awesome.
Good Times

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