Cathedral, Game Of The Medieval City

(Jeremy Fischer) #1

I recreated one of my favorite board games that I’ve had for 25+ years, Cathedral. The original board was just printed MDF and the pieces were made of cheap pine blocks glued together and stained their respective colors. I wanted to make a much nicer version with each piece carved from a solid block of contrasting woods. The board and pieces were done by hand prior to getting my Shapeoko but the lid relied heavily on it. I actually think my obsession with getting this made is 80% of the reason I bought a CNC, but I’ve got more than plenty of uses for it now!

Oh, if anyone is interested, here’s a bit more of build album.



Looking for a wood supplier
(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

Really nice, I especially like the top with the vcarving through multiple veneer layers to create the text with a 2 part outline.


(Jeremy Fischer) #3

Thanks! That came about during a conversation with a very artistic friend of mine and I’m really happy with how it came out. Now I want to play with different wood combinations and “line weights” by varying the thickness of the middle veneer.


(William Adams) #4

Lovely and elegant!

Have you ever considered getting a Jointmaker Pro for your handwork?


(Jeremy Fischer) #5

I had never heard of it until now so I checked out a video. Those look really cool and I can think of a ton of uses but then I noticed it’s from Bridge City Toolworks. I didn’t see a price but I know I can’t afford it. :smile:


(William Kunz) #6

$1585.00 for the Pro model.


(William Adams) #7

Yeah, I’m really hoping to have put aside enough for the next time it comes up for production — I have really been enjoying my Chopstick Master and the HP-8 block plane which it includes — the former is on sale now, and I highly recommend it as a woodworking activity to share w/ friends:

(just always remember to put the block plane back in it before taking the box off to a social activity)

Really looking forward to the Blue Spruce Coping saw I just ordered as well, but not sure I can manage to spring for a set of the chisels… (my current set of chisels is something like to a Harlequin set and only two have matching handles)

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(Jeremy Fischer) #8

What a cool idea. You could just make a simple jig and let people run a regular block plane over it for a group activity.


(Dan Nelson) #9

Beautiful work!!!


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(Tito) #10

Nice! I remember a long time ago you (?) posted a picture of “Cathedral” vcarved… That was you, right?


(Jeremy Fischer) #11

Yep, that was me, it wasn’t even the only post about this project! I’ve been working on this and trying to learn my CNC for a while now. With a lot of help from this forum, I think I finally got it right.

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(Todd Holaday) #12

Very nice. My brother has this game and I’ve played it a few times. It’s been years and I had forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing!

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