CC - Ability to have new materials for tools

I’d like to specify new materials that I can use in the tool databases.

For example, I am cutting cedar right now. The speeds suitable in cedar don’t make sense for the ‘Softwood’ material, it’s way faster. Being able to create a new ‘material’ would let me record those speeds for future use.

For example the #201 in ‘Softwood’ is 75 IPM. I’m currently running 6000 mm / min, or 236 IPM.

I know I could just create new tools with something in the name to indicate what it’s for, but that’s kind of fighting against the way the database is supposed to be organized. Each new tool needs a new tool number, and keeping track of that is going to get tedious.

It also ‘pollutes’ whatever tool database you do put it in (in this particular case, probably a user Softwood database). The extra tools just clutter everythuing up, making it harder to find what you want.

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I had a library named Tod+Shapeoko HDM+Softwood.csv

I renamed it to Tod+Shapeoko HDM+Cedar.csv, and restarted CC


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Why not make a new Material?

then you can use the normal tool #s in that library.


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I didn’t try just typing in the values wanted. That’s easier!! :smiley:

Apparently, this is already available, and apparently, the discoverability is, shall we say, poor.

It didn’t occur to me that the list of materials would be editable by creating new user libraries - since it’s a drop-down, it’s not clear that it can be edited as well.

The dialog for creating the new library has a lot of unused space - perhaps some help text to indicate that new values can be provided?

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CC Tool default libraries are logically organized by material.
You are correct the CC documentation is a bit light on explanation of values.

You can recreate the libraries in whatever logical arrangement the make sense to you.
You could make “job” libraries if you want to .
You would be responsible for removing unused libraries from CC.

You can use Excel to accomplish the task.

I made this program for the purpose of figuring out the data.


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