CC Tool library utility

I got a 2x4 Pro 5 last June. That started my journey trying to figure out CAM and the tools.

This effort came from me trying to figure out Tool definitions in CC and Fusion 360. I was getting confused so the process of making this application settled things down. It was dark and cold outside, so it was the right time consumption device.

I hate Excel, so I created a Windows desktop application to read and write the CC tool library CSV files
It’s use will be limited, but hopefully handy.
It will also read and write Fusion 360 libraries. This allows for Tool vendors F360 libraries to be converted to CC. This is NOT a replacement for Fusion 360 tool management, but you can export/import between formats within the program.

To install the program, copy the files in the Zip file to a folder of your choice.
A user config file is create on Exit to save setting.
This folder will be

This program requires .NET 6.0 . It is compiled for AnyCPU on Win 10.
The language (Culture) is
It should work on Win 7 I think. I have not tried this on dual screens.

CCToolLibraryConvert.pdf (637.5 KB) (892.0 KB)

Please read the PDF is get going.
The GUI usage metaphors are normal except the Export process, this is from a Clipboard to a file in the current Session ( you do not export to external file).

The support for this program will be somewhat limited.
If you have crashes, send me the data files , a screenshot and the process order you used.
Enhancements - I will take a look.
Warrantee - Tail Light
Cost - Free