CC Feature request

This is an easy one, but would be very helpful while working with multiple files. In CC, please add something that indicates the name of the file that is currently open. I would think the file path and name in the green bar across the top would work great.


Better yet: Give us a “Save” and “Save as” button!!


Since there’s already a CC thread, here’s my “first pass” collection of requests (after my first “real” project efforts):

  • When saving EGC, the “Save” dialog defaults to the same directory used previously, but when loading/saving a CC.c2d project, it annoyingly returns back to the Desktop… It would be nice if this operation saved/loaded files to the “previous” folder, or better yet, let me “path” to the folders of my preference in a “preferences” sections.

  • When copying a vector/object, I would love the option of also cloning the “tool path” as well.

  • Again when copying a vector/object, I’d also love an option that let me spec an absolute X/Y offset relative to the current origin (or combinations thereof when copying a collection of vectors/objects)

  • Having a right click “Properties” popup option for vectors/objects/toolpaths would be great, or even a properties “hover” that would show stuff vs. always having to drill-down

  • Not sure if you can improve throughput… running an i3/Win8 project with 40+ tool paths in a project required noticeable time for me to acquire edit box focus when creating a new tool path… the app spawns a collection of tool path defaults, and I was always waiting for the app to let me highlight the toolpath name for editing or to tweak on other path parameters.

I did get into the groove of the workflow, but the entire project design effort would have been streamlined had I been able use features like the ones described above… who knows, CC might do these things and I just haven’t learned how (yet).

Also, no issues using the “latest of the latest” in both new versions of CC/CM.

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