CC Pro 608 Trim function missing

I once again lost the trim function. Can’t find it anymore. Where is it??

There never has been a trim function — once a path is closed it can’t be re-opened, and once geometry has been made or joined it can’t be separated — best work around is for closed paths, duplicate and delete unwanted parts of each duplicate. For a more typical work-around see:

Ok so I might have used the Vcarve software on my pc. But I’m now on my mac and CC is the only software I can use for this (exporting to fusion 360 won’t work because it will crash when trying to import and edit something from CC). So maybe add the trim function because it’s one of the most needed function in any CAD-software?

Atleast I’m still on trial version…

As noted, the work-around is to:

  • Node edit the object to have a Node where you want the divide to occur
  • dupe the object
  • drag the duplicate back into registration
  • Node edit the original to delete the unwanted nodes
  • Node edit the duplicate to delete the unwanted nodes

FWIW, given the limited utility of open toolpaths, it’s easier to use closed geometry and Boolean operations.

Yeah I just figured it out. But it would still be much nicer to have a trim function…

It’s a pretty frequent feature request — we’ll have to see what the Devs think.


@WillAdams Ask the devs to check out the way Lightburn does it. It’s a keystroke off of their Edit Points function. You just need to convert things to paths and then edit points, point to the line you’d like to remove, and press “T” and it trims away up to the next intersecting line in both directions. Really easy and intuitive.