CC Pro Trial License

Greetings from good old Germany…
Awaiting my new XXL and just start using Carbide Create and enabled the Pro version.
Next week I will start the 14 days Trial Licence.
But now I wonder what I will do after the 14 day license expires. Can I buy the Pro version, rent it, extend the trial version again or do I have to use MeshCam or Fusion 360 to create the G code?
Thanks for your help.

you can get a 1 year trial license, see:

for a link to that, and also a tutorial on how to do some STL files


Thank you fenrus for this extremely quick response.
It worked perfectly and the registration key is already in my e-mailbox
I will also take a look at the tutorial.
Thanks again. Wish you a Merry Christmas and stay healthy!

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