CC V6 and V7 Features

Some of the v6 and v7 features have been discussed. I have found several of the new features to be quite helpful.

When doing a contour that you want to cut through all the way you can use the variable “t”. There are several variations you can use with the “t”. One is “t-.1” which will not cut all the way through and leave .1" (the measurement is dependent on your inch/metric setting). Another would be “t+.001” which would cut through and then another .001".

Another advantage of using the “t” is in v7 if you change your material thickness the toolpath is automatically updated when you change the depth. In v6 you still need to go to the toolpath and edit the tool path to get the depth to change. In both v6 and v7 you still need to save the .nc in v6 and save the c2d file in v7.

Another good feature is when making circles. In previous versions you had to give the radius. That would mean that I would have to bring up the calculator and divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Now you can input your measurement, in this case .75" and input .75/2 which will equal .375". I find this much easier than going to the calculator, remembering the number, and then entering it possibly forgetting a decennial.

Another addition for v7 is the key hole tool path. I documented my experience with the key hole tool path here and it works fantastically.

Another addition is the Rest Machining if you have the Pro version. I have experienced the need for Rest Machining when making small boxes from a board You can have material left over on the inner lip of a box. The Rest Machining makes a separate toolpath that goes back with a smaller bit to clean up the left over material. If you use a 1/4" bit to do the main pocket and then pick the same object and create a toolpath and check “Rest Machining” you pick a smaller tool and only the missed parts will be cut. Now this still leaves some small amount of material but it is easier to clean up than big chunks left over by a larger bit.

Try out these features if you have not already and it makes your designing easier.

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