CCPro Crashing on attempted C2D import

Using version 757, I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to create a Hobbit House plaque for my grandson (or maybe my son).

I’ve created four separate C2D files for various aspects. I’ve made sure that none of the vectors (except for a couple of registration crosses are duplicated among the files. Just now, I opened an essentially blank file (Complete House 1.c2d) took a split second. Followed that by trying to import eitther of two files (Lawn.c2d 1,996 kb or Walkway.c2d 200 kb) in both cases, after a short time, CC crashed.
Complete House 1.c2d (44 KB)
Walkway.c2d (200 KB)
Lawn.c2d (1.9 MB)

All of the files have been created under V7 757. I had found earlier that it didn’t import Rest Toolpaths, but at least it didn’t crash.

I want to be sure that I’ve got the components aligned right before proceeding. What’s gone wrong?

Confirm, crashes with 764 as well. I can open all three files, but importing will crash.

I was able to replicate the crashing here as well, and will test a bit and look into a bug report.

One work-around would be to export G-code (you can do this when Carbide Motion is connected to your machine after loading a file) and then concatenating the G-code into a single file, then loading that into a 3D previewer — Carbide Motion has one, or I’ve been using NCNetic lately:

(they have a nifty NotePad++ plug-in)

I see a lot of empty toolpaths — is this actually all that you want to cut in the “Lawn” file?

(are you actually using a 1.5" thick piece of stock?)

I will note that when checking registration, I’ve had the best luck putting a rectangle around the stock perimeter:

and ensuring everything is w/in that. You can then export as an SVG:


Your “Complete House” file seems rather sparse though:

(FWIW, I would recommend against deleting the “Default” layer, and I suspect that its absence here is possibly part of the problem)

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As noted, I believe the problem here is that you have deleted the Default layer — still experimenting.

Here is the 3 files you posted above:

combined into one file:

walkway_lawn_house.c2d (1.9 MB)

using the SVG files.

I was able to confirm that it is deleting the Default layer which then causes Carbide Create to crash when importing a .c2d file — filing a bug report on that now.

Thanks for all your work. Unfortunately PC died Sunday morning. Meeting with PC funeral director tomorrow.

Intent on Lawn file was to delete the Walkeay toolpaths.

Intend for each file to have only vectors and toolpaths related to that subject. Want to merge them to temporary file to confirm that all are in right position.

That’s why the crosses are in the corners. I like your Box idea better.

Presumably will be using 1.5” stock.

Side note. I worked up an XLSX that lets me do the slanted edge to the project at the end. If interested and if the file survived, I can pass that along to you.

And now I know not to delete the Default layer. Easy to get around my intent.

Thanks again.

We found the bug on this one so it should be fixed in the next release.


At the rate I’m going, the release may beat completion of the project.