Centering to start

How do you know where to mount your workpiece so it is in the “center” of the table?

I think most people don’t.
Some folks scribe lines or a grid into the wasteboard. Others use fences to place similar size jobs.
But since you can set workpiece 0,0,0 wherever you want, it’s not necessary.
The workpiece just needs to be close enough so the tool can reach the entire job.


I wrote a bit about this at:

Why would you start in the center of the table, unless have torn up the rest of the table?
I have heard of starting in the center of the work piece, but the table?

A right angle fence may work if you really need it?

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As others pointed out it does not matter where you mount the material. You can make origin in center of material or one of the corners.

I like to use the center of material for vcarving so my carving is always centered on stock. You highlight everything and group it then you can center the objects on the center of material. If you highlight all objects and do not group them when you center the objects will lose the layout and all objects are centered. Just ctrl z to reverse out.

Cute, ty. Was just curious.

Good point. Thank you much.

Good advice. I’m still learning.

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