Notes on rapid positions and wasteboard leveling

Wrote up a bit on this here:

Filled in the numbers for an XL — if someone has an SO3 or XXL and is using CM4, I’d be glad of confirmation of the other values for it there (they were made by halving the steps on my XL and configuring it to be an XXL and if you have an XL, a comparison to how things map on your machine would be welcome).

Based on the above, I created a wasteboard level program for the XL:

Updated file based on further numbers/commentary:

SO3_XL_810x350.c2d (19.5 KB)

(please verify before using — it would want adjustment for example if using the Carbide 3D T track setup)

I hope it’s obvious how the sizes and positioning of the C2D file are set up based on the numbers / measurements — if anyone needs any assistance, please let us know!