Corner Square that attaches to Stock MDF Wasteboard Holes

Hey Guys…

I needed to cut 33" squares out of 34" MDF stock, which meant I needed to make sure that I was always using the maximum cutting space of the bed. My solution was to create a corner square, that would go in the top corner of the Shapeoko Pro Bed where the router couldn’t reach.

The square attaches to the three top bolts on the x-axis and the two top bolts on the y-axis. I used M6-40mm screws to attach the corner square to the wasteboard

I write all this because
a) Hoping it is useful for others
b) There have been several questions about the dimensions of the stock MDF wasteboard slats, and hopefully, these files I uploaded will help answer those dimension questions

The one thing I haven’t figured out, that I know the brain trust here will be able to answer…When turning on my machine, how can I quickly tell Carbide Motion the x,y and z, as I will always know this if I plan on using the corner square?

Link to vcarve files


My solution for this on my SO3 was to make a Rapid Position point coincident with that point by slightly adjusting the X-axis homing switch position and tweaking the values used for Rapid Position.

Some discussion of the numbers involved at: