Chip Thinning Calculator

Hey folks, per @vince.fab’s recommendation, I dug into chip thinning when I started milling aluminum to make sure every flute cut an appropriate amount of material and didn’t rub instead of cutting. However, there is only one online calculator I could find that would do the math for you (Iscar one) and it requires you to enter a lot of information before it will give you anything since it wants to calculate a lot of extra values (MRR, angle of cut, etc.) that I don’t care about. I found the math for chip thinning simple, so I wrote a spreadsheet that would calculate recommended CPT/chipload using only the necessary parameters.

Enjoy this and let me know if you have any feedback.


@The_real_janderson, cool, thanks.

My first use of sheets, how do I get rid of the anonymous squirrel :chipmunk:?


If it matters, this is on an iPad Pro.

Yeah, so that’s due to Google Sheets wanting to tell you that someone else is also in the same sheet. It assigns each person a moniker as “Anonymous (animal)” and shows you what cell they are editing (often times they are idling).

Due to this (and the collaborative nature of Google Sheets), someone may edit a cell while you also are trying to - however unlikely since I doubt dozens of people are going to try to use it simultaneously.

What I recommend is you go to the upper left menu and click “File” and then “Make a Copy” to copy it to your own Google Drive so it isn’t shared with lots of people. Also, I have an Excel spreadsheet I can share that is identical, Google Sheets are just easier to share and are free.


I downloaded the sheet and use it in Excel.

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Thanks for the tip. Works like a charm on ipad.

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Wonderful! Glad to hear that from you and @luc.onthego.

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