Christmas Sled Design

I changed the design a little from the picture, but you get the idea.
Two files, one for the frame and one for the slats
Double check everything to make sure i got all the dimensions right

Xmas Sled

Xmas Sled Frame.c2d (68 KB)
Xmas Sled Slats.c2d (72 KB)


Ho Ho Ho. I have posted this project before but here it is again.


Thanks Loren they look great. I will make these for Christmas gifts and decorations.


You will probably need to change the stock thickness and depth of cut if you are using 1/4 birch plywood.
The stock I used is approx 3/16 or 10mm but i doubt if you can find anything that size.
You need two blanks. 8 x 14.5 and 9 x 13. Guess you could combine both jobs into one and use one blank 17 x 14.5 for the whole job.

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Thanks for the update. I have some 1/4 birch i will use for this.


Hi Loren-

These are really cute. I downloaded your files and tried to open them. When I did though it was just a blank workspace, no vectors or anything? Problem with file perhaps?? Or maybe just me??

I just downloaded and opened these up and they showed up fine. Files seem to ok.

Weird. Maybe it’s my version of CC? I’m on build 644, I normally use Carveco Maker+ - you?

I’m on CC build 729. I’m only using CC and Carbide Motion at the moment. Once I find them to restrictive I will look into others.

I DL the newest version of CC and see if that solves my issue perhaps OP created on newer version of CC and is causing a compatibility issue.

Welp. Updated CC solved it. So if anyone else has an issue with the files probably your CC version is too old lol

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If your talking about the Christmas Sled I did them in Carbide Create Build 726.
In that version the cut file is embedded in the .C2d file so there is no .nc file
So if you have an older version of CC you may have to install V7.
I believe you can still keep your cc build 644 and have both installed at the same file.

Before you do any of that. Make a copy of the .cd2 file as a backup.
Then open the original .cd2 file and save it. Then close and open it again and see if that fixes it


You can have both v6 and v7. According to Will Adams you can open v6 and below in v7. You may have to resave the file to get the gcode embedded in the file. Just as a precaution copy the file before opening in v7. I like the new features in v7 over v6 and have been running since the first beta came out. I think the v7 is in the stable category but they are still working on it all the time.

You can open v6 files in v7 — it should go back to v5, but there’s a point at which older versions stop working — you would need to open this in v5 or v6 and then resave to get them into the current version.

I just cut one of the Christmas Sleds, the photo appears to be made quite differently. I am finishing up sanding and such to see how they look. Thanks a ton for the files!

Yea. I changed the design a little from the first one i did in the picture. Makes a little easier to assemble


Let me know how it turns out. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics to pick up the little holly decoration for the front. They had them on sale, buy one for like 4 bucks and get two free. Then i just drilled a little hole in the top of the sled cross brace, bent the stem, Stuck the stem through the hole, trimmed it off and used hot melt glue to hold it in place

Could you shoot a photo of the way you assembled it? Just curious.

I just got back from the dollar store

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