Closing Vector Help

Struggling on how to close the vector on the interlocking heart in the top left corner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Post the file — you may need to draw in some geometry, or do some Boolean operations.

Here is the file. This started as a scan of a business card to using convertio to get it into a svg. I have hit a lot of firsts on this one.
lana4.c2d (562.6 KB)

First ungroup anything which is grouped:

Select each open element and close it:

Node edit each so that together they encompass the area desired and extend beyond where there is geometry which one wishes to use to trim them:

Select the now overlapping geometry and union it:

Select the surrounding geometry and duplicate it:

and drag in into registration with the original:

Select the unioned geometry and the surrounding geometry and choose Boolean Intersection:

Repeat for the other part.

For the other, since all the parts are present:

It suffices to simply select them all and choose “Join Vectors”:

lana4_closed.c2d (575.4 KB)

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WOW! That helped a lot. Thanks for the step by step!

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