CM 513 OS X Issues

I just finished tramming my HDZ on a SO3 XXL using CM 513 and have some feedback
and maybe a bug report.

Here is my Macbook Pro info:
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Processor 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
OS X 10.15.5 (19F101)

First, I just bought a Bitsetter and noticed that CM wants to measure the tool after homing, no exceptions. I find myself pushing the Bitsetter a couple times when I don’t
have a tool loaded to make CM happy. It would be really nice to have a way to abort the 1st measurement and another option to re-calibrate the 1st tool manually from CM.

During my HDZ tramming, I was doing a lot of single clicks at different increments using my track pad, as in earlier CM versions. During this process I observed the following at random times:

  1. One of the X/Y/Z +/- buttons would be stuck down as if pressed. It still worked if pressed.
  2. Big one! Randomly, CM would start repeating a X/Y/Z movement by itself until I disconnected the cutter or could scramble and click the opposite direction. This was really nerve racking.

Let me know if I can help by gathering other information.

Hi @Clif,

About the BitSetter workflow,

  • that first probing is to establish a baseline for tool length, since the BitSetter works by adjusting Z zero based on the difference between one probing and the previous one. There have been discussions about making the workflow customizable and the short version of the story is “it’s not gonna happen”. There are reasons, good and bad.
  • Be careful when you do those manual pushes on the button to make CM happy, depending on when you do them in the workflow you could mess up the Z adjustment.
  • you do have the option to “re-calibrate the first tool manually” by just using the “change tool” button after machine is initialized ?

About those ghost moves, I have seen a few reports before on the forum and it always turned out to be something in the computer setup (I’m not saying it’s not a cornercase bug in CM, just that I never saw those threads coming to the point of isolating a failure condition that could be reproduced on another machine).

Have you contacted support ? If you have a somewhat repeatable scenario they may help you figure it out. The one word that stood out for me is “trackpad”. If you can reproduce this problem quickly enough, you might want to test if it also happens when using a mouse instead?

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Yep I don’t know how many times this STUPID workflow has been mentioned. On startup, the spindle should go to the homing position and STOP there until you say I’m ready to continue then it should go to the middle and ask you to load a bit then go to the BitSetter then let you set your zero. It should not wake up and come to the front for you to install a bit. You need to setup the work piece and you want the spindle away before you start the whole bit measuring process, it is unnecessary and counter productive.

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I have not contacted support and I do not believe it is my ‘computer’, but it may be your build for my type of computer. Sorry, 30 years of software development gives me a strong opinion here. :slight_smile:

As to your decision to not give an override other than going into settings, I can respect that but I also have plenty of other choices in machine controllers.

The above issue and the motion going wild breaks a cardinal rule in software development: Don’t cause the user to feel that they have lost control.
The Bitsetter case is a pain, especially when you have a funky tramming tool attached when you power it on so you can move the HDZ lead screw.

The second, is really bad. Going up out of control doesn’t bother me as much as driving a piece of metal down onto a large piece of glass that I’m using for tramming.
I’ll stop now, as I just wanted to let you know that there is a problem here.

Here is an illustration of what the job view looks like with a ‘stuck’ button.
This happened when the jog took off to the left after letting it go for a while.
It stopped eventually before any limit by itself but the button remained like this until pressed once more. Note that I had even focused on another app after it ran away to take this screen shot so CM didn’t even have focus.