Cnc Ticking Noise

Does it do it with different bits?

I have only tried it with 2 #201 Endmill bits. I don’t have any other bit except for vbits witch worked fine.

I’m sorry. I still don’t hear a clicking sound. Is it the router changing pitch suddenly or is there an actual clicking that I’m missing?
By the way, I’d triple that feedrate or more when you’re only cutting .040" depth.
Sounds like you’re not cutting much and then periodically you’re recutting some chips.

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Here is one more video with the machine at the default settings for hardwoods. The noise gets worse the faster I go.I don’t believe it is the router changing pitch. Because when i touch it. I can feel when it makes the ticking noise. Or am i just over reacting to something normall? Ticking 3 - YouTube

I think I heard it that time. Any chance the router cord is getting caught?
If you don’t notice anything mechanical (could be coming from anything), I’d start checking the actual router. Maybe a bad beating it something (guess). Does the router speed affect it?


Everyone hears something different. What I think the noise is the material being chipped out while being cut. Chipped out at the bottom of the cut as the router moves forward. I heard the clicks while cutting with the grain and not cross grain.

I checked the routers cord and it is fine. And it does affect it on router speed. The faster it goes the less it does it.

Do you think it is fine to continue using it?

Yes continue. Just look at the bottom of the cut to see if the finish is acceptable. If it is a through cut it will likely not be visible on the side of the cut. I could be wrong but sounds like chipped out wood.

Ok thanks you I appreciate it. I also contacted support to see what they will say.

Any chance its the spindle lock pin floating back into the spindle, like the spring that holds the pin out is missing?

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Maybe @neilferreri is onto something.
Can it be axial play in the router armature?
Turn everything off, and push/pull up & down on the router armature to see if you feel/hear any movement.

Check your bolts on ball screw nut. Mine made a similar noise before it dropped.

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How long have you been running your machine? Can it be the machine providing a reminder that those linear rails need some maintenance. At one point I did have some clicking noise as well on my Pro and that’s when I found the thread in the community forum started by @Luke which discussed linear rail/guide maintenance. It described cleaning the rails with lint free cloth/wipes and the need to oil them. Although the start of the thread is servicing the HDZ I gathered it also applies to the linear rails on the Pro.

EDIT: Rail and linear guide maintenance


I have had the machine for 1 month. If you think I need to oil it already I can.

You said that you don’t hear that when using Vee bits, just your endmill. Since your videos just show you cutting a slot, I suspect you’re just recutting chips. With the same endmill, what happens if your cutting a pocket?

I have not tried that I can go try that in a little bit though and try it.

I just cut a pocket it still made the ticking noise when I got deep. But it did not happen a lot compared to before.

All of your videos sound exactly like an overloaded router - you could either spin the bit faster, or lower your feedrate and it should get quieter. It’s probably better for the router if it’s not making those noises, but it’s also not a huge deal if you can ignore it and you’re happy with the results.

I don’t think you have any reason to suspect a problem with your shapeoko based on those videos

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