Combining Wood Turning and CNC

I love to turn segmented bowls. I want to incorporate my cnc into the bowl turning. On segmented turning I usually bore a hole in the bottom of the bowl and insert a wooden plug. I want to make that plug on the Shapeoko with designs like stars or other objects. I also want to make platters that I can then put designs like spirals and other embellishments in platters.

Are there others that have or want to do this type of mixed media. I receive the American
Association of Woodturners magazine and it is full of art pieces that have been turned and carved. This inspires me to try to incorporate the cnc and turning together.

I dont want to turn bowls on the Shapeoko because turning on my lathes is so pleasurable and tactile but I want to add something to my turning.

Please post any examples of what you have done or ideas of what you might want to try.


Frank Howarth on youtube has been doing this.


@gdon_2003 - I too make segmented bowls on the lathe, and it went to the back burner when I bought my Shapeoko a year ago. I had been using a wood burner to sign and date my work on the bottom. Yours is a GREAT idea to combine the two disciplines. Sorry I don’t have anything to share (yet) but I’ll be watching this thread for ideas.

@dmouw25 - Excellent video on this topic - thanks for sharing.

This is my best one so far. I had a “catch” and blew up my first attempt after weeks of working on it (very sad day, and my wife learned some new words). Took a step back and made 10 non-segmented bowls as practice, then this. I’ll have to try another using your idea.

I know the feeling of the Shapeoko taking over. In Jan I want to get back to segmented bowls. I bought the wedgie system and made the sled. The wedgie system makes perfect rings. I also bought some open segment jigs and want to make some of those. I really liked the wavy bottom plug in the video. I usually drill a hole with forester bit and plug bottom. Will update in Jan.

I did not make too much stuff this year. I did turn a craft supply shaving stand out of Teak. Simple but useful.


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