Community challenge #12, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Oh boy, lots of great entries again in the 12th community challenge, thanks everyone!

Time for voting (legit community members only, as usual)

Poll will close on Sept 6th midnight PST
That’s also when I’ll do a final check on CutRocket links and add bonus points to the tally.


Bump, don’t forget to vote by Sunday night!


Yeah especially for me lol - good luck everyone


Any last minute votes to bump me into 1st would be appreciated as I already have a bitrunner lol. Either way it was a fun project to make and to see everyone else’s ideas.

The community has spoken !

Congratulations @PNWThom for winning first place! Wood, metal and HDPE come together very nicely.

@Sarge013 gets second place, superb execution that immediately made we want to use shiny shiny brass in my next project.

This time around Jury’s prize aligns with the popular ranking, it goes to @jackspot for a putting a new twist on the good ol’ coaster project.

@Lourdes will be in touch with you guys to ship your prizes and swag.

Thanks again everyone, and looking forward to seeing your contributions in the next challenge!


WOW congratulations everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your projects and reading your write ups. I learned something from all of you and am feeling very inspired to create new things.
Thank you all for your support and votes, I am ecstatic about getting a HDZ to cutting bigger and better things! Ill keep y’all updated with my projects as I go along. It means the world to me to have my work validated in this way! Looking forward to see all the amazing ideas that come out of this community in the future


Congratulations all. @Sarge013 make sure you send a thank you note to Kagen Sound for the maze box design.

@Sherpa I thought you would get a kick out of this but didn’t want to look like I was trying to influence the competition: your puzzle design goes back to at least 1893: The Psycho Match-box. Very neat!


That is amazing how did you come across this? Well done all I won!! It was hard to do but I came last, or as I like to call it 10th winner :trophy:

congrats all, this comp was awesome big thanks to @Julien and all at C3D :+1::+1:



This was a great challenge to watch develop!