Community challenge #15, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Thank you all for the entries in the 15th community challenge !

Time to vote (legit community members only, as usual):

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Poll will close on Dec 6th midnight PST
That’s also when I’ll do a final check on CutRocket links and add bonus points to the tally.

Just bumping the thread to remind everyone to vote over the week-end, if you haven’t already!


Congratulations @bpk9p4 for winning this one! I will definitely put that system to good use soon as I am rearranging my workshop.

@AndyC gets second place with his smart belt clamping system, it’s been quite interesting to watch how MrLongTongue’s design evolved over the last few weeks.

This time the Jury’s prize goes to @CNCInspiration for his tool and probe holder, for its unique style and attention to detail.

@Lourdes will be in touch to ship your prizes.

Oh, and what is mystery prize #2 I hear you ask ? That shall remain a mystery for now!


Congratulations @bpk9p4, your idea and modularity it has is really neat. Entering my belt clamps spurred me on to finish them, and I’m really pleased others liked the idea too - 2nd place in a field of such good ideas is a real accolade. Very pleased.


Thank you for the vote of confidence Julien It means a lot to me.
It just so happens that I just purchased proximity switch kits for all my machines, still have not installed them, and have a very decent collection of swag going already. I would like to pay forward my proximity switches and swag to 3rd place winner @ScottsdaleSteve for his excellent work on the Saw Blade Caddy which I though was a very well done piece, and I would love to use his models to make one some day.
I would like to retain my mystery prize though, hah! I will be happy to pay for the additional shipping costs if needed.
(Could be a brand new Car!)


@CNCInspiration, you are very gracious, and I truly appreciate the gesture, but I too have a decent collection of swag, and I installed proximity switches a few months ago. Nice Jury’s prize victory for your tool and probe holder! And let this serve as inspirational motivation to anybody reluctant to dip their toe into the contest waters.

By the way, I’m gonna guess that the mystery prize is a “Sweepy 2”…


Thanks for all the votes I really appreciate it. I always like following these competitions but never thought I would win one. If people are interested I will update the Cut Rocket with any new modules that I create


@nwallace Would you like a set of proximity switches and some swag?


I won’t say no but I already have the proximity switches because of my Z-Plus upgrade. I don’t have any swag but if there is another contestant who has neither, I would rather it go to them.


It looks like the next in line for those prox switches would be @Sarge013 maybe ? :slight_smile:

I’ve already got the proximity switches on my machine, but I do love me some swag lol. practically my entire dresser is filled with similar free advertisement shirts.


OK my good friend @MikeG does not have a set yet, please send him the Proximity switches.


This is such an awesome community!


Wow, super cool, thank you Max!!!


Here’s a rare sight of mystery prize #2 in the wild:

Santa’s elves are working on it, our winners will receive it in a few weeks, before it’s available in the store.


Very cool can not wait to try it. Any tips on how you should align the side brackets with x and y axis

Me I would just create a toolpath with two line segments at 90deg, carve it in the wasteboard using a vbit at very shallow DOC, then use those marks to align the corner square

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I measured mine and designed a very shallow recess in my wasteboard that it fits into. No fiddling to get it to line up, just press it into a corner.