Community challenge #16: VOTE HERE!

Pretty creative entries in the 16th community challenge

Let’s vote (legit community members only, as usual):

Poll will close on Jan 10th midnight PST
That’s also when I’ll do a final check on CutRocket links and add bonus and handicap points to the tally.

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Final day for voting!

A tie! and a hard one to break, at that.

The oracles have been consulted, the white smoke has emerged, and first place goes to @Bwood34 for Lego man! Congratulations.

Second place goes to @dmstone7 for a very creative entry, that integrates into his workbench very nicely.

Jury’s prize goes to @ScottsdaleSteve for a pretty cool idea and very helpful insights about how it was made, thank you.

@Lourdes will be in touch with the winners

See you all in Challenge #17!


Congrats @Bwood34 and @dmstone7 on your creative entries and nail-biter photo-finish!

I’m honored to get the bronze. Thanks everyone for the votes, and as always, thanks to Julien and the Carbide 3d team for sponsoring these inspriational contests!


Congrats @Bwood34 and @ScottsdaleSteve - it was indeed a nail-biting finish. I’m humbled to be in this group of creative people. I’m just getting started in CNC and loving it. There is so much to learn and this forum/community is top-notch. Happy New Year everyone! What a great way to start the year.


I have to say something now… :thinking:
I didn’t think I would win first place at all, the other projects were very interesting.
for once I win something :crazy_face:lol

thanks to the whole 3d carbide team.

and thanks to @dmstone7 and @ScottsdaleSteve :clap: :pinching_hand: