Community challenge #18: VOTE HERE

Cool entries in challenge #18 if you ask me.

Let’s vote! (legit forum members only, blablabla…)

Poll will close on March 14th, midnight PST


I voted for the Potato Chip but how will they produce the project for closer inspection after eating it. :grinning:


And it’s a landslide victory for the potato (chip)! Congrats @nlichtenberg for winning 1st place with a cool entry that perfectly matched the theme and made us smile too.

@keebie81 gets second place for the soap seashells and reference to the 90s.

And jury’s prize follows the popular vote and goes to @carlscho, for the great write-up on carving aluminium wallets (which is unusual, and must be a little nerve-racking too at $40 a try)

@Lourdes will be in touch for shipping your prizes and swag

Thanks everyone, now head out to challenge #19 and show us what you can do with CC’s new image tracing feature!


Thanks everyone and thank you @Julien for making me carving a potato :smile: