Community challenge #26: VOTE HERE

I knew you would enjoy playing with epoxy, and Community challenge #26 did not disappoint.

Let’s vote!
(gentle reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote)

Vote will close on Dec 5th, midnight PST. Good luck!

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And we have a landslide win by @DWood and his spectacular P.E.I. cribbage board, congratulations!

@AndyC takes second place, with a technique that has already inspired many folks here on the forum.

Jury’s prize goes to @cme82883, for creativity and quality of that mosaic lion head.

@Jorge will contact you to ship your prizes.

Thank you all for the many great entries, that hopefully will have inspired others to try epoxy.


Fantastic! Some really nice pieces and technique in this competition.


Awesome thank you so much guys!! I look forward to the next contest