Community challenge #3: Fancy textures (closed)

I don’t know whether I feel too old or too young right now. C3D forum may not be the best place to be using meme references :slight_smile:


I’ve enabled downloads on the file, I used between .07 and .10 on the adaptive mesh density; it left me with bodies with 20-40k triangles. One trick I use is a plane cut minimal fill from Z=-.009in this makes the bottom have many less polygons.

Biggest thing I learned when dealing with bodies with that many facets is to do all the manipulation and moving etc while they are still meshes, as they become annoying to do as bodys.


This is why I like the challenges so much, there are some awesome original projects coming out! Thanks for extending it @Julien

Are there even enough forum members to vote for all the awesome projects? :rofl:


Alright here is my other entry. I have only done two sided machining a handful of times and this was my first attempt at 4 sided. It came out okish, the wood definitely wasn’t perfectly square/parallel to opposite face, so it came out a little messed up. Definitely a learning experience to say the least and something I will definitely be attempting in the future since my kid wants a xenomorph (he loves the Alien movies).

The file came from Thingiverse, I have been attempting to learn Sculptris so I can make my own models but I am not happy with what I am currently able to produce so unfortunately I have to settle on ones that others have made.


Nothing like a last minute submission! A friend and I have been working on ideas for DnD dice vaults. We came up with the basic layout and have several ideas for the lid in the works. Since I saw this contest, it seemed like a good idea to test out textures on the lid using my XXL. I chose some Myrtle that I had lying around for the first batch. Here are some pics of the semi-finished product. The only thing it’s missing is some foam in the pockets.

I designed it using VCarve Pro and its V carve and texturing toolpaths. The bottom is pretty basic pocket and profile toolpaths. I used a 1/4" ballnose to do the fluting down the side.

For the lid, I first did a V carve of the logo, leaving it 1/16" proud of the pocket. I hogged out the waste using a 1/8" compression endmill, then used a 30 degree Vbit for the actual V carve. The 30 degree toolpath took the longest at about 1.5 hours.

The texturing was done using a 1/4" ballnose. I just played with V carve’s toolpath preview until I had something I liked. I did have to create an offset of 1/8" to keep the ballnose from scalloping the border and the DnD logo. I’m pretty happy that the final product came out every bit as good as the preview. However, I’d really like to create a texture that looks more like dragon/snake scales for future ideas.

I’m not quite sure what file format we’re allowed to submit for the project, but I’ll attach the full .CRV file (VCarve proprietary, I think) for both the top and bottom. If anybody has any suggestions for these dice vaults or just wants the Gcode files, I’d love to hear from them. Good luck everybody, the submissions so far are killing it!

I hope a Google Drive link will do:

P.S. ooh, I forgot one thing. The chamfer around the edge and pockets was actually done at the router table.


That is a very nice box, very clean and well designed and the logo on top is very stylish. The texture looks great on there! I see you used 4 magnets. I recently bought some for the same purpose. Does the lid stay centered with just the magnets holding it?

Jeremy, I’m curious what you do to keep your magnets properly oriented? I’ve built a “master” fixture and a plan, but am still curious.

Nice project!

yes, it stays centered very well. When cleaning it up for finish, I installed the magnets first, then clamped the top and bottom together to be sanded so that they were perfectly flush on all sides. Now, when I take the lid off and put it back on, there might be a hairline misalignment that’s not big enough to see but you can just feel.

Oriented so two don’t oppose each other? These magnets came (or ended up) in a stack. When epoxying them in, I just press one in and “wipe” it off the stack. I do the same to the other three holes, keeping the stack oriented the same way. When I set the stack down to press the magnets in place, I make sure it’s still oriented the same way. Then, when I go to do the other side, I flip the stack and do the same “wipe” method. I haven’t had an issue yet. Alternatively, you could mark the same pole on each magnet with a sharpie. You don’t have to know whether the pole is North or South, just that they’re all the same. I hope this is what you were looking for!


I’m working on my first 2 sided piece and will use dowels to locate the blank. I drew the holes as a part of the overall drawing and was going to use the router to make the holes in the spoil board and blank before I started on the part.


Is anyone able to download view the dropbox file links with baby yoda and the darth maul/night king from @ThatGuy ? or is it just me? Would really like to view the baby yoda files especially but neither are working right for me…

That Dropbox link is just to Dropbox. There are no files there. @julien @thatguy

ok thanks for confirming @CrookedWoodTex I never use dropbox and was pulling my hair out for last 40 minutes trying to figure what I was doing wrong. I thought I had some sort of wrong file extension type association set incorrectly with my browser.

@ThatGuy can you share the baby yoda and darthmaul/night king files when you get a chance please?

Hey sorry guys, never tried using Dropbox to share before. I’ll have to figure it out when I get home tonight, heading out to have a bday party for my youngest. So I won’t be able to check into it until about 5 or so hours from now.

Here is a link to where I got the baby Yoda file and the night king was found on thingiverse. But I will get my files shared later thanks for the patience.

Ok managed to sneak a few minutes to give it another try. Let me know if it still doesn’t work. I will edit my original posts later tonight if this works like it should, thanks.


Be aware that Disney has been extremely harsh in punishing people for selling handmade baby yoda stuff, even people selling knitted baby yoda figurines have been fined thousands of dollars. They seem to be taking it very seriously!


I gave baby Yoda and a Star Wars Aztec calendar to a friend yesterday for their birthday. They were super happy and said I could easily sell that stuff, told them I would rather not have Disney coming after me. I only sell stuff that I have made or from a file I bought that is not modeled after something that is copyright protected.

But that is a good warning for people that may think it’s not that big of a deal.

Yeah it’s a tough one, I love your work and also give trademarked stuff as gifts to friends and family, I would hate to get caught up in some ridiculous battle. My warning was more for people who aren’t aware that it does actually happen!