Community challenge #3: Fancy textures (closed)

Happy 2020 everyone!

Now that 2019 and Community challenge #2 are behind us, let’s move on to our third challenge:

Fancy textures !

Texture toolpaths were introduced in Carbide Create quite some time ago, but I don’t see them being showcased very often, so here’s the opportunity to add a string to your bow (or is that only a French saying ?)

The rules for this third challenge are:

  • it must be made on a Shapeoko or Nomad
  • it can be ANYTHING but it must include (and showcase/show off!) textures created with Carbide Create
    • EDIT: use any CAD/CAM tool you want (and this includes CC Pro)
  • submit your entry in this thread:
    • post pics of the finished piece
    • include the associated design file(s) and tell us about the steps you followed to create it.
  • you can post multiple entries if you want.
  • similar timeline as for challenge #2:
    • you have ~10 days to submit your project, deadline is set to Jan 11th, midnight PST
    • EDITED: deadline extended to January 17th midnight PST
      • On Jan 12th, I will launch a poll and everyone will then have until Jan 17th to cast their vote(s) among the list of projects that were submitted on time.
  • EDITED: voting will begin on the 18th now
  • the jury (that’s @Jorge and the usual suspects at Carbide 3D, plus myself) reserves the right to remove votes from “suspicious” voters, and will also break any tie.

I think you will like the prizes for this challenge: Amana cutter packs! (which have been introduced recently on Carbide 3D’s store)

  • First place will win the “CNC signmaking pack” 197-K, the “Plastic cutting pack 195-K”, and some Carbide 3D swag

Downcut, compression, and single-flute endmills are awesome for their specific intended usecases

  • Second place will win the “CNC signmaking” 115-K, and some Carbide 3D swag

  • And for this third challenge, there will also be a third prize, the “judge’s prize”: I will decide which project I liked most (hint: I value originality, effort, and enthusiasm a lot). That prize is also a 115-K cutter pack:

Let’s see what you can do with textures !


As an example of the sort of thing one can do with textures please see:


Note: I edited the rules, to not limit the projects to those made with CC. There are multiple ways to do textures, so feel free to show us how you do them in alternate CAD/CAM packages !


Maybe this could be useful


I wasn’t expecting these challenges to be back to back (my thought was monthly). How many more challenges are to be expected, for the year? I’d love to participate but my Shapeoko is correctly disassembled and probably will be non-functional for a little while :frowning:

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There are 4 more challenges planned after this one, for now.
I’ll check with @Jorge about maybe adjusting the schedule a bit.


I have missed a few too, the prizes are epic! I do rostered work away from home and have been gutted to miss the last few!

I hope this is long term, i love the concept and love seeing what people come up with!

Might have to get the wife to get into the competitions while I’m away!


Textures can make a huge difference to a project and the inbuilt textures carbide create offers are great ways to make any project pop. From signs to clocks, it’s amazing how it can impact a project and offset it. If you haven’t used them you should have a go, and if you have well… time to enter :slight_smile:

To get the ball rolling here is one and not an actual entry. Here was one I quite enjoyed doing. Knurling on the inside of a tapered hole for a ER20 collet set.


Very nice Luke! I have no idea how you did it, a side cutting bit?

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Nope, a flat end mill :slight_smile:

Is the hole tapered? I am contemplating how to cut that with a flat end mill… Nope!

Yep, a tapered hole :slight_smile:

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I get it , Lukes new 5th Axis design being tested! Works great!

Just finished a quick entry. Likely going to try my hand at another design, but figured this would at least get things started.
I wanted to have a different direction featured so the center and outside run one direction and the inside runs the other way. I had gaps between the features to provide some stability for any drinks.

File from carbide create has been uploaded. I recommend not using the brim. I didn’t realize that the texture tool path would go past boundaries.coaster file.c2d (124.6 KB)


For some reason I have a thing for hexagons, they just look cool. And it vaguely reminds me of some company logo :slight_smile:

Tricks to manage the boundaries will indeed be part of the game when using textures.
Thanks for you entry @Radiation !

When I was experimenting with textures, I found it necessary to do a Boolean operation to trim them along any features I wished to preserve.

Perhaps create an internally offset vector just for the texture.

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I saw these and immediately thought about Settlers of Catan. Would make for a nice, custom set of tiles.


A coat hanger from Oak. Made in V-Carve Desktop with a .25" ball for the texture. I hid the mounting holes behind the hooks. I also french pollished it to death, looks kinda like a layer of ice in person.
Stained with pecan and glazed for the “dirty” effect. (448.8 KB)


Here is a Textured trivet I adjusted in adobe illustrator, then into photoshop to adj for a grayscale conversion to a STL using

I then imported to Vcarve and sent it over to the SO3 XXL

I used a .5mm taper ball endmill on a piece of walnut.