Community challenge #3: Fancy textures (closed)

That’s so cool and something I might like to try. How did you convert the grayscale image to .STL?

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Tons of websites online do it; I used this time around

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This is really cool! How did you export the simulations in grayscale? I couldn’t find anywhere on the site to export to a picture.

Color scheme 4 is greyscale (to my eye); grabbed a screenshot and the rest worked without a hitch. Had to play with the height/scale of the STL incase I didn’t have a perfect black point and white point.

EDIT: the app appears to be javascript btw; would be cool to grab the source and create an Add-in for fusion 360 directly.

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Thanks! Did you remove the square origin point at all or keep it in?

Right-clicked and Deleted the square after the simulation was frozen.

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Oh my, I’m so glad I extended the deadline by a week, great additional entries, and lots of tips being shared in the process.

Another 24 hours, and then we’ll proceed to the vote!


Hi ThatGuy,
Did you download this model or create the model yourself? I have seen that baby yoda pose a lot lately but not this exact one. If you sculpted this yourself you have an amazing talent!

So I was not very enthused about my first submission, the MDF platter, it is very nice but not exciting by any means. I was having nostalgic thoughts of my past level design, the hexagon hospital I built for Malice, and became inspired. Last Monday night I started editing, and have been working almost non stop ever since.
I decided to mix my materials using Red Oak and Black Walnut for contrast. Rob gave me some great advice about Walnut oil, and I very much prefer it to Stain, my new most favorite thing hah thanks Rob, it leaves the Oak a very light bright color which worked well for my design plus the smell is not bad, non toxic, dries in hours!
I originally wanted to do a ripple wave insert on the base among with some clear material to mimic water and possibly some led lighting, but the area was too small to have any impressive effect, and Stu knocked his out of the park so I gave up on that. I had thoughts of making some type of ocean wave scene but I spent hours modeling waves and they all looked like crap so I gave up on that also…
At that point I just started designing random things that I can spam as a texture on surfaces, ended up with somewhat of a theme, but I could see possibilities for hundreds of other samples, crude models of almost anything sized down to fit in mass. Was getting fun after a while and I framed the samples in Hexagon cubes, then started making corresponding plates that fit in the base to expand on the concept of the samples. I picked out 7 of my favorite designs for production.
I took the opportunity to give myself a lesson on micro milling, designing things down to the point where you have a hard time seeing them, and got to the point where a 1mm end mill was too big for my needs. I do have a few packs of the PCM mills but did not try them out due to time constraints.
I had a few fails trying to mill down to .01 thickness and gave up on it but did have a moderate success with a very small but accurate to scale representation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
Definitely learned my lesson trying to use my table router on some .1 inch thick plates, I managed to dodge half of one as it shot across the room. 4 hours wasted!
So I am barely keeping my eyes open and have about 15 hours of machine time to go before I am finished and roughly 16 hours till deadline haha… Suck it up buttercup! I will update as I finish the rest of the base plates
Out of all the textures I think I like this one the most, when you have a perfect pattern it is like a old 45 record, the grooves just feel nice to the touch. -“Default Texture” it’s really hard to make! (it’s all in the toolpaths!) -lol


So I guess the secret to a curly mustache is Walnut oil, who knew? Check out the 1mm curl, I was afraid I would break it with a paint brush when I was applying oil,

YouTube Video

Fusion Viewer and Download Links:

Oak Parts
Black Walnut Parts
One Piece Ripple Texture Plate
So after about 50 hours of machine time I fell asleep at my desk and did not finish these last 6 plates till the next morning after the deadline. However here they are, just don’t consider them when voting lol. My 1mm did not cut the second holes on the ying yangs properly which is strange since it worked fine on the hex sample piece, I will fix with a drill press later.


Knew I was forgetting something. The creator of this one was Covert 3D on Facebook. He gave this design away for free and does some great work.

I have been trying to get the hang of sculptris to male my own models but it is slow going and definitely wasn’t going to be ready before the deadline.

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The level of awesomeness in this challenge #3 is over 9000!
(I wish I had a much smaller font to nitpick and remind you to not forget to include the associated design file when you update the post with final info/pics)

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Hi Julien,
Is it ok to follow up the next day with all the files, there are 4 different maps I have to prepare and share with Fusion, I need to delete all the garbage and get everything properly labeled.

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He does great amazing work, I am very impressed with how well it turned out. You had to carve out all 4 sides? How big is that?

Yep, no problem, the point of that rule is just to make sure everyone can be inspired and benefit from all that work

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Just the one side it, it is about 7.5”x5.5”. I am hoping to get another entry done today, that one will be 4 sided if it works out.

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@MarkDGaal Can you share the Fusion File? I’d love to see your toolpaths on that.
Also, did you just reduce the mesh to as you show, using density to 0.1? I always have trouble with Fusion and meshes with a high triangle count, but it may just be my PC.

I don’t know what your awesomeness scale looks like, but I probably agree.

Like this?


I am resisting the urge to have a small font fight / competition right now.

strong text <-Flexing

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Haaaa Ok I give bro Geez!