Confirm Z-Plus Height

HI all,

I read in the announcement that the Z-Plus height would be around around 18.5 inches. Is this from the surface the Shapeoko is sitting on or from the stock wasteboard? Working on an enclosure and want to future proof it.


I do not have the Z+, but do keep in mind a dust collection system and hoses when designing an enclosure.

Extreme future proofing would also consider the upgrade addiction, like acquiring an HDZ :joy:

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Edward mentioned “the overall height of the machine” so I would assume that’s including the baseplate & feet (but I don’t have a Z-plus so I can’t tell for sure)

That said, I’m with Andy: I am now on my third iteration of redoing my enclosure because it was not high enough. Unless you have a very good reason to optimize height aggressively, give yourself a foot of margin or more, your future self will thank you!


I think that is good advice. The plans I have right now only gives a couple inches clearance and would be even less with the Z-Plus upgrade. I think I will pause and rethink the design.


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