Confusing Bitzero Issues

Can anyone tell me why my bit sometimes decides to go through my entire project and into the waste board when using my bitzero? I have it in Z-plus in my settings and I have it sent to the top of my stock in create, so that isn’t the issue, but it only does it randomly, very frustrating.

Please use the machine operating checklist:

and then always only change tools when prompted by the interface, or when using the interface and the tool change button to change a tool.

If you continue to have difficulties, provide a .c2d file, generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero to it and managing all tool changes and a photo of the setup and a screen grab showing the incorrect Z-axis setting after a tool change and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

I always run my newly created files through a simulator program. This allows you to see if there are any issues before you get to the machine.
i.e. Camotics or Basic CNC Viewer. Both are FREE.
This has saved wood and machine.

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I’m going to say this - and probably get flamed for doing so - but this random issue with the BitSetter isn’t the first one. I’ve experienced it, as have several others on this forum.

If this is user error, we need to be provided step-by-step guidance on what to do, so we can prove the process, but if it’s a system error, this really needs to be resolved.

Thank you.

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Well he did say BitZero and not BitSetter, Peter :stuck_out_tongue:

A few years ago, you mentioned it was doing this, and when it happened then, the bit was also coming loose from the collet.

Bits slipping in the collet will drive deep into the stock. Can you recheck that as a possible issue - that is, make sure your collet is nice and clean and properly tight (whatever that means :slight_smile: )

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Well I’m using a BitSetter as well so that could be part of the issue

What I’ve been doing is updating carbide motion by clicking “send configuration” before every single job, it usually prevents against it but I feel like I shouldn’t have to do that before every job

Yea I make sure my bit is tight in the collet for every job, the only time it has come loose was from plummeting past my stock into the wasteboatd and I didn’t pause it in time

I have a new SPXXL with BitSetter. I did have an issue but found it was user error.
First I want to say BitSetter does not set the bit to Zero, that has to be set either manually or with BitZero.
Steps I use are as follows. (Which I don’t have any issues with so far. (Knock on WOOD :crazy_face:))

  1. Connect to Cutter
  2. Initialize Machine
  3. Insert Tool and Resume.

NOTE: If I am using a V-Bit I use the included 1/4" probe tool included with the machine.

  1. Select Resume for BitSetter touch-off.
  2. I have BitZero, then probe for X & Y.

NOTE: If using V-Bit I then change to the V-Bit I’ll be using.

  1. Press the New Tool Button to have it use the Bit Setter again.
  2. Zero the Z either manually or with BitZero.

NOTE: Make sure you have G-Code loaded. I have loaded the G-Code before the previous process and after and had no issues.

  1. Run Program.

Do not turn on the spindle until directed to. CM will have another go at the Bit Setter prior to the instruction for the spindle activation.

Hope this helps someone.
Good Luck!


What I’ve been doing is updating carbide motion by clicking “send configuration” before every single job, it usually prevents against it but I feel like I shouldn’t have to do that before every job

This should not be required and you don’t have to do it before every job. I don’t think anybody else is doing this, plus - if you’ve added it to your checklist, and do it every time yet it doesn’t always prevent the issue, then perhaps it is having no effect?


Attached is my .c2d file and G-code for an inlay I am currently working on. I secure my stock down to my waste board with screws and zero it in the bottom left corner with my bitzero.
maple (152.0 KB)
49ers PLUGS.c2d (336.9 KB)

What is the incorrect Z-axis setting which you are getting after a tool change? Where is the endmill relative to where it should be?

I’m not sure what you mean with the tool change, my 1/4 end mill is plummeting through my stock and into the wasteboard, (I’m not sure how deep) right from the beginning I don’t get a chance to do the tool change to my V bit

Show how you’ve set zero relative to the stock, show where the endmill is at the zero point relative to the stock — is your stock 3/4" thick? are you setting zero at its surface?

When do you make the tool changes?

Yeah, in my create file its 3/4 inch thick stock set to the top of the surface for the Z, and I set my bitzero on top of my stock in the bottown lefthand corner. I only make tool changes when the pop up instructs me to. In this case after I zero out my bit, it tells me to insert my 1/4 inch end mill, then (sometimes) it goes to the correct depths or plummets through my stock, which then it tells me to insert my V bit when the endmill job is finished.

Please provide a video which shows this problem when following all prompts and only doing tool changes using said prompts and we’ll do our best to look into it.

He did, but these issues seem to relate to the BitSetter - which the OP is also using.

This ‘random’ issue does concern me and, although it might be user-related, I’d really like that checklist so I know it’s not me - or it is! :scream: :scream:

To be honest @WillAdams, the content of the ‘checklist’ should be reviewed, particularly for newer users.

It’s probably OK for more experienced users, but I’d be surprised if anyone - experienced or not - would do follow that checklist every time they run a project.

What might be better is a series of daily, weekly and monthly checks, and a fault-finding check list.

Just saying.

So I have a video of probing the XYZ on my bitzero but it did not plunge through my stock this time, and I don’t want to keep video taping before every job waiting for it to plummet. But the only thing I can think of that is causing this is because in create I have my stock set for 7in x 7in, and my plug cut out cuts over the edge of my stock since I only need the “SF” portion and not the routed out oval I created around it. If that makes sense. If I make my stock 7inx9in the cutout will not cut outside my stock, therefore it seems the Z goes to the correct depths… I’m trying to explain this the best I can. What I just do not understand is why the Z depth would vary based on the size on my stock compared to the cutout. Because even when I do not use my bitzero and I manually zero my bit, I still get incorrect depths (doesn’t plummet through the stock but still incorrect) in the 7x7 stock, so it seems atleast. So I guess what I realized is when using the bitzero on stock that is slightly smaller than the actual cutout, my bit plummets. When I manually zero the bit, depths are off by maybe .05 -.10 (guessing).

I am not sure if this is normal or if I have a machine issue, because I am 100% positive I am zeroing my bit correctly with the Bitzero and manually. And I hope I made enough sense explaining this.