Confusion with Booleans

Working on a project and have been struggling with designing this logo. I cannot for figure out why none of my Booleans aren’t working. How do I get the lines from the “world” BEHIND the hand and wrench? I always randomly seem to struggle with this function when it comes to multiple lines intersecting, until I get lucky enough to push the correct sequence. Not this time.

Can someone also explain as to why these are so difficult at times? I also attached the file.

512 amxs.c2d (1.1 MB)

Assuming you want to join the vectors so they are cut as a single carve, Select the wrench, shift-select the world vector near the wrench so both are selected. Then select Boolean → Union

This is was happends when I do that


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This is what I am going for. I made an offset to the outside of the fingers in the hand to make the wrench and world appear behind the hand. But cannot seem to do it again.

That looks like the Weld or Smart Weld boolean. You want the Union. (Just noticed… You also want the latest version of Carbide Create, V742)

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Just updated Create and Motion, thanks for that!

Are there any tutorials on how to use this new version?

I wrote up a bit at:

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Vectric has a very simple tool for Cutting and rejoining vectors.

2nd try

Yep that is exactly what I need! Haven’t taken the time to learn vetric yet considering how long it takes me to get the grasps of Create.

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The Trim Vector command should do what you wish: