Connected font sign

What is the best way to do connected letters/1 peice words? My wife wants me to make this and I know I can do it but will likely make it much harder than it has to be!

Also any ideas on what font this is?

Oh yeah I have Aspire - is this an option? At work thinking about this and don’t have my laptop.

You could draw it out on paper, take a picture, bring it in to inkscape to create an svg, then use the svg in create.

Or just overlay the letters in inkscape, manually. I think you can do this, I’m still not well versed in inkscape. Not really sure on the font.

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Looks like hand lettering.

If you used a font, you could achieve a similar effect by:

  • distorting / scaling letters
  • overlaying them so that they connect
  • Boolean union

There’s a bit of a discussion of some of that sort of thing in: Could use some guidance on creating a carve

and be sure to see:


If you have a font that you like, you can use the text tool in Aspire to create each letter as a separate vector. Stretch/Skew/Rotate as desired and move each letter into position. Finally, use the scissors tool to cut the vector segments that are inside your overlapping areas; be sure the “connect vectors” option (or whatever its called) is checked in the scissors tool.


Quick and dirty attempt at it

Otherwise, Mother’s Touches Font is kinda close but you’ll have to do some editing.


That looks great Stephen!! Thank you!!

This forum is awesome - Thank you all for the help!!


Check out the APP, WhatTheFont at:

It supposedly will supply the font name OR give you the closest font to whatever is shown.


Also with Aspire you can take a picture, import it, trace it, scale the vectors to a certain size, then “profile tool path”, the vectors.

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Very ez to do in Inkscape with a PATH - Path union function

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