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What is the best way to do connected letters/1 peice words? My wife wants me to make this and I know I can do it but will likely make it much harder than it has to be!

Also any ideas on what font this is?


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Oh yeah I have Aspire - is this an option? At work thinking about this and don’t have my laptop.


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You could draw it out on paper, take a picture, bring it in to inkscape to create an svg, then use the svg in create.

Or just overlay the letters in inkscape, manually. I think you can do this, I’m still not well versed in inkscape. Not really sure on the font.

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(William Adams) #4

Looks like hand lettering.

If you used a font, you could achieve a similar effect by:

  • distorting / scaling letters
  • overlaying them so that they connect
  • Boolean union

There’s a bit of a discussion of some of that sort of thing in: Could use some guidance on creating a carve

and be sure to see:


(Adam Albert) #5

If you have a font that you like, you can use the text tool in Aspire to create each letter as a separate vector. Stretch/Skew/Rotate as desired and move each letter into position. Finally, use the scissors tool to cut the vector segments that are inside your overlapping areas; be sure the “connect vectors” option (or whatever its called) is checked in the scissors tool.


(Stephen Gullage) #6

Quick and dirty attempt at it

Otherwise, Mother’s Touches Font is kinda close but you’ll have to do some editing.


(Tom) #7

That looks great Stephen!! Thank you!!

This forum is awesome - Thank you all for the help!!


(Jesse Glessner) #8

Check out the APP, WhatTheFont at:

It supposedly will supply the font name OR give you the closest font to whatever is shown.


(Jerry Gray) #9

Also with Aspire you can take a picture, import it, trace it, scale the vectors to a certain size, then “profile tool path”, the vectors.

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(PWCNC-Rick) #10

Very ez to do in Inkscape with a PATH - Path union function


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