Convert vcarve to Carbide Create

I went over to Vectric free projects page and found a project but of course it’s in Vectric’s proprietary format.
Is there a conversion out there to convert this file so CC will open it?

You would need to open it in a licensed copy of Vectric’s software and then export to a format which could be converted into DXF/SVG if need be — but only if the license for the free project allow it to be used outside of their software.

What project is it? I’m sure that there are free equivalents.

It was the “The Paradise Box”

I looked all over the site but did not see it mentioned of it NOT being allowed to be used outside of there software, but I could have missed it.

I’m sure there loads of box projects around, but was curious if this could be converted.

There is a rabbeted box generator at:

and I made a matching OpenSCAD file to allow 3D previewing:

or see:

modify and add decoration as desired.

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You da man Will…I do appreciate the help on this!
I’ll go play around and see what I can end up with!
Thanks again! :+1:

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When I hit this page only the video loads. All of rest of the pictures in the tutorial are blank…

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