Converting jpg to svg

What is a good program to use to convert jpg to svg files? I am a newbie and I am having problems finding clipart and convert to svg.

Inkscape works well for some folks:


Here is how to use Inkscape to convert a bitmap image (jpg, gif, png etc) to Plain SVG:

How to create SVG in Inscape

Open your image in Inkscape – SELECT IT!
Click Path – Trace Bitmap – this will open a Trace Bitmap window
Click ‘Update’ to be sure image looks OK – then click OK and close window
Be sure your new image is SELECTED – click File – Save As - Choose type as Plain SVG – hit Save

You will now have an SVG file that “should” open just fine in Carbide Create

Will Adams has commented in the past that an SVG has to be 96DPI to import into CC the same size as created. If you get the image imported into CC and it is the wrong size then, also from Will, create a box the size you want the image to be and move the image into the box and expand/shrink the image until it fits in the box.


thanks works great now I can move on

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Carbide Create now has a feature for this: