Conveting stl issue

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I will just get right into it. I am attempting to convert an .stl file I created in Google Sketchup to a heightmap .png and I used the converter from here:

I didnt have any issues there, at least I didn’t think I did. Basically the greyscale image looked good, straightlines/smooth transitions.

But when I continue following the steps layed out from the tutorial, I find the 3d model in carbide create is very choppy looking.

What am I missing? Apologies, I was only able to upload a single image to the post. Thank you to everyone ahead of time.

Hi @WagDev,

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Can you upload the STL, PNG heightmap, and your c2d file for a look?
I don’t think you are missing anything, if it’s not something in the PNG it may just be a rendering issue, or possibly a good old fashioned bug :slight_smile:

CNC_PISTOL_SHELL.stl (24.9 KB) (121.1 KB) (9.0 KB)

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Any luck? I would love to narrow this down to a simple rendering issue (fingers crossed).

There’s an option for a higher-resolution 3D model — have you tried enabling that?

I’ll bet it’s just the way CC renders the simulation. I previewed the finishing toolpath in NC Viewer and it looks OK. Can you test cut on a piece of scrap to make sure it will come out the way you want?

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Sorry, I dropped the ball. Good thing @rowiac had me covered, and I agree with his conclusions and recommendation

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I found the “higher-resolution” option but it did not seem to make a difference unfortunately. I even deleted my work and started from scratch with that option enabled.

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That is the next test. I just have to wait for one of the next few days when I get the time. I appreciate you taking the time to inspect it.

I appreciate any/all info and support. I hope to try the option @rowiac suggested one of the next few days. I will update with the test piece. Thank you all so far.

I was able to run a few passes. First pass with a .25 end mill, then with a .125 ball end mill. Results weren’t perfect but the end finish was not the same as the rendered model. The only thing that was the same was the 4 small posts had a beveled bottom instead of being straight the whole length of the post. If anyone has any suggestions on making a better finish, please let me know, but for now this will work for what I need it to. Thank you all for the help and support, it is much appreciated.


Maybe a finishing pass with a small flat end mill may have straightened those for you.
It looks to me like ball or round nose endmills are better suited for objects with natural curves (think animate objects). and for mechanical or made parts, the flat end mills would give tighter “vertex” or linear appearance ?
either way, you got the job done!

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