Copper Excellon drill file import bug(s)

Over here I mentioned maybe changing the CAM setting in Eagle to make the Excellon drill files work in Copper. After some work in KiCAD the other week, I have now returned to Eagle this week and have made the following observations when using Copper:

  • The .cam file over on the docs page does not work in either MM or Inches mode, at least in Eagle 7.7 (it may have done in earlier versions as there was a change)
  • The .cam file can be made to work in Copper Inches mode by changing the Eagle CAM output device from EXCELLON to EXCELLON_24.
  • The Eagle CAM processor will export in MM when set to EXCELLON_33MM, this is only partially compatible with Copper MM mode because anything over 100mm appears in the wrong place (clearly some type of truncation/parsing error in Copper).

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