Cracking the code - round over letters

Well I feel weird with this being my first post on the forum (hello by the way); but I’ve been silently watching, learning, and perfecting the craft so thank you all.

Recently I have been figuring out a way to have round over corners on all of my letters without final finishing with a router, and without multiple passes with an end mill to build it up. So here’s what I have come up with…

By creating two contour cut tool-paths in carbide create I am able to first use a tool path for a 1/16 end mill but actually using a 3/8 roundover bit during the cut. Setting the depth of cut to the radius depth of the roundover bit to gain maximum curvature. Second tooth-path is then set to maximum depth with tabs using a 1/8 end mill to cut them out completely.

Cracking the code on the first try always feels so good :sunglasses:


To preview this sort of thing see

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I define my roundover bits as a V bit 8 & 10 mm dia, has 3 & 4mm radius. I name them Roundover 8mm , Roundover 10mm so I don’t confuse with V bits
In preview it gives a close enough estimation as I never carve past the cove radius

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Those look great. I just happened to give Kevin some roundover bits for him to make a video with. Hopefully he’ll have something to share before too long.


@eMETAL Erick, those really look awesome! I am DEFINITELY going to try this technique.


Looks great! time to buy a 1534!

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