Create the shape of this knife

Given the two attached photos of a knife, how would I create the outline of the metal part of the m ice? I am making a protective sheath for it. I have experimented using the curve in Carbide Create with no luck.

Briandobo, I have a suggestion for you that might work if you’re interested? Have you tried any trace in Carbide Create?

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My drawing with curves ability is limited so I brought the image in as a background and traced it by drawing circles with radii that closely matched the curves of the blade and lining them up on the blade. ( each curve of the blade is an arc of a circle ). I used straight lines at the upper right corner instead of arcs. Then used trim / join vectors leaving one path as a perimeter of the blade. Then scaled to match your tape dimension. Not perfect but here is an SVG which can be imported into CC. Select it here, save as svg, import the svg into CC.


Note that I edited and replaced the first SVG I uploaded.There were a couple of bad spots which needed nodes deleted.




If you have trouble, let us know at and we’ll walk through this with you.

Scan the knife at 96 DPI with a flat bed scanner. Import the scan to Carbide Create, trace with the trace tool then clean the image up with the node edit tool.

thanks all. I was able to make a slight change to the attached SVG and get my project done.

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