Creating svg file from jpg

What does it take to convert a jpg to svg. I used inkscape and saved the image using the different types of svg file. When I load the file into carbide create I just get a blank screen. I was able to convert the file using the website I do notice that the files that fail have an image section. where as the file that works does not.
What am I doing wrong?


Note that this sort of thing depends on the nature of the image — sometimes stuff just needs to be re-drawn — post the image?

First, what Will said, see if CC will go from .jpg to vectors for you. I’ve had great luck with simple designs.

Second, I will use gimp to color flatten the image. Then go to CC per above.

Third, Inkscape to trace image (or maybe trace bitmap…at beach without computer so can’t look for menu wording.) this is usually filled with horrible vectors that need lots of cleanup BUT when it works it is the quickest way to get lines from art/photos. When it doesn’t work it is a painful tour my worst personality traits when I get frustrated. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face:

Finally, Inkscape redraw as vectors. For complicated stuff I usually end up here anyway. Import jpg into a layer then use bezier tool to trace. Being mindful of CAM to come later, will offset, mask, tweak, etc to make it easy to carve.

Sometimes first and sometimes last after I get frustrated, buy what I want as svg from reputable Etsy seller. There are lots of good ones, and it shaves hours to days off my timeline of art fiddling.

I wasn’t aware of the trace image feature. It worked. But the problem that I had with inkscape was not doing a trace bitmap then save. The image that I had was a simple black and white file.

Images are valid elements in an SVG file. The element tells the SVG renderer where to draw the image and how big to draw it.

Inkscape simply saved this since that’s what you created.

Images in SVG files are not useful to Carbide Create and are ignored when you import files.

Converting images to vectors (the tracing operation) is a process unrelated to saving SVG files, and is explicit - you have to find a program to do this step and choose to do it.

Basically, everything is working properly but you missed a step you needed to do to create the sort of file you required.

In Inkscape be sure you select the image. Then go to path and trace bit map. With image still selected save as plain svg. O have saved as Inkscape svg and it still worked.

On some pdfs’ I only get some of the image. Not sure why.

I posted the question and went to lunch. While at lunch I remembered that I needed to do the bitmap trace before saving. Thanks.

Try this link. Its a free online file converter.
It does a pretty good job