Cribbage Board Build Thread

So I had a sickness hit the entire family that put us on our buts the over the weekend. Not COVID…but a super bug.

Before I left into work I faced off the epoxy pour. Super pleased :grinning:

I have the next three days off of work so I’m going to get at it again!


Had a chance to get some stuff done

I cutout the line that will serve as the start/stop. I’m going to filling it with Red Epoxy tonight.

Cut the Lazy Susan in, I left some play room just to make sure I could get it dead center with the rest of the bodies. Also left .03 sticking out so it will freely rotate off the base.

Also started on the Compass. It will get epoxy’d tonight and ready for the 3D carving tomorrow.


First stage done, time for the ball nose


Dear Shapeoko…love you :kissing_heart:

Super happy with the end result. First “3D Carve” that was designed and computed by me.

4hr total cut time
1/16th Spiral Plunge
1/32 6.2 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip

There’s a couple of spots to sand, but super impressed with the cut!

The plan now is to fill the compass with clear epoxy that will sit flush with the numbering. Should be a cool effect once all finished


Hardwood 3D carve with a resin fill does give a very nice look.
Did a dragon carving for a friend, embedded some low brightness LEDs in a hidden recess and the first pour is in the photo attached - the second pour took the resin up to the level of the frame and allows any surface imperfections to be hidden from the first pour.

A thick pour can bring issues, allow bubbles to become trapped etc., so I ‘wash coat’ the wood with a colourless resin and leave it to set, pour to the 2/3 or 3/4 full level and let that set, then pour a thinner (warmer) final pour which gives more control over the meniscus or over-flow effects that resin suffers from as it heats, expands and contracts over the setting time. Keeping the final surface as glossy as possible reduces any final polishing effort considerably…


This should be carved in stone as the golden rules for epoxy :+1:

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That is the exact process I do. I only have top coat epoxy and the recommended max depth pour is 3/8”. Anything deeper bad stuff happens. I’ll do a 2 layer pour. Just can’t remember if I need to sand in between pours or not. I’m leaning to no.

Cut the backside for the lazy susan on the compass. Time for epoxy!

Man…I left no room for error :nerd_face:. Super close to the engraving


I went full send on the 489 holes, turned out super awesome!

Starting to look like something :nerd_face:


Test fit looks good!!


Getting closer…had night shift all week so I didn’t have a chance to get in the garage. I have the next 3 days off :grinning:

It’s ready for epoxy and everything else is in sanding mode to put together!


Just a helpful hint when pouring epoxy. Make sure without a doubt your work surface is level.

And cover your piece during the curing time to avoid craters from small particles in the air. IE: Dog/cat hair


Test fitting the pegs to make sure they fit snug. .5” 1/8” hole is the perfect fit


This was probably the most dangerous portion of the project. Pouring epoxy can go wrong in so many ways. I think I nailed it and will flatten it out to sit flush with the number face. Can’t wait… today I put this bad boy together and start finishing it!

I splurged with some high quality oil and will use an oil based polyurethane and cut/polish over the next week. Super excited!


The amount of excitement I have right now is amazing! It’s starting to look like something!


You have everything reason to be super excited, this is spectacular.


Killer job on this! Really top notch work! Thank you for sharing!

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The drawer is done, just some sanding left. I CNC’d the front face before the glue up to give it a nice shape, really like how it turned out

Fits like a champ!


The oil really pulls the walnut out. Can’t wait to polish the inner epoxy out!


I love walnut and maple combinations.