Cribbage Board Series - Design Work

Looks good.

I have used heat on thick epoxy resins before, but not too hot, you don’t want an exothermic runaway reaction :fire:
Been there, done that, not attempting that again :hot_face:

Solvents can be used, but they can alter the properties of the epoxy, discoloration and mechanical, might even cause brittleness and cracking.

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Wow, that final surfacing pass must have tight tolerances. Do you keep an off cut from the batch to help with each step’s setup? I hope you get a good price, considering how much care you put in these items.

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@dustmite yeah not much you can take off. My cut file for the facing is set to 0 depth, so whatever I zero to is what it will cut.

The black lines are a 1/16” wide.

I forgot to reset my Z zero during one of the facing Ops. It cleared out the epoxy and cut into the veneer. You can see chipping and it took a good portion of the Burl out. Which is ok, the walnut isn’t lost as I left plenty of the over all depth to clear out the inlay and start over. Not what you want, but at least I can save the wood.

There were some craters due to air bubbles on a couple, which is fine because I’ll fill them when I pour the mother of pearl numbers and letters.

I wanted to pour tonight so I could cut the peg holes tomorrow, but I got off work late today…Tomorrow is a new day and getting closer.


The wife reminded me that she hasn’t seen me all week. My regular job hours are 7:30am to 5pm and the garage hours usually average 6pm to 2am.

Always good to take some time with what matters most to keep the motivation.

Poured the numbers and letters today.


Had to remind myself these are to be used. I’ve had this board for a couple of months now, my wife and I play on it all the time and it’s been holding up to the usage.

Cheers :beers: everyone


Fabulous. I would have made use of the planer to clear overfill. To each his own, eh.

Planners do great work but when it comes to inlay you are flirting with disaster. The planner works well on solid wood. However when you add epoxy and inlays the violent nature can destroy an inlay. Plus epoxy is not easy on your planner knives. Mileage varies. I have had a planner rip out inlay on a project that I was using to clean off epoxy overfill. I was able to fix it but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Luckily I have a Jet 16-32 drum sander and that works very well on removing epoxy overfill. You can also surface on the Shapeoko but that takes forever on a larger project and the sander does it in a fraction of the time. You just have to keep cleaning the drum with epoxy. Wood and wood resin are hard on the sandpaper but epoxy is just terrible.


Yep…for those reasons I’ve always faced my epoxy overfill with the Shapeoko. From the pure cleanup perspective, it’s way faster and cleaner on your tools to use it. That, and I can control my depth of cut down to the .001 if I wanted.

Epoxy and the drum sander just doesn’t get a long


Headed into the garage, but wanted to post the first part in the series on YouTube. I have a ton of footage.


Wow, I read and watch this entire post. Amazing, I’m still looking, and hoping to figure out what to do before I make the big leap. If I thought I could accomplish half this, it would be worth the adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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Cutting the holes…lots of holes. The upcut bit fixed all my issues. Used a plunge pecking strategy to cut the holes and burned out a down cut bit.

Part 2 posted


When I’m doing holes, I will use a downcut bit to get the clean edge on the hole; perhaps 0.05" deep.

Then switch bits to an upcut bit to finish cutting to depth.

(My Vectric software has a “spiral” ramp that takes the drilling out of making holes, too.)

Yes, I understand that adds to the time to cut, and I’ve never cut that many holes in a part in my life! :smiley:

I recently bought these bits for drilling. The seem to work well for me. Someone on this forum recommended them to the group.


Finally got caught up with some projects to finish the cribbage boards this week. It’s been killing me not being able to knock these out.

Going to push it this week to complete.

Here’s part 3 of the video series.


@Merick01 - Maurice, where do you source your veneers? I recently bought a sample pack and it’s become clear very quickly that I’ll be wanting to acquire more and larger pieces of select species.
Beautiful work too!


I get all my stuff from them. Super fast shipping and everything is as advertised. They have a great selection of veneers


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Hey all, been out for a while doing things.

Tonight, I finished a couple of the experimental designs I’ve been working on. Learned a lot, turned out super good, but minor issues.

I ended up using the wrong round over for the corners and snipped into the outside veneer. Other than a couple of pin holes, I think I’ve mastered the design to produce these. A ton of work, but it was worth it!



Very nice. Is that a bunch of inlays?

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Yeah, the venner and epoxy is inlayed to the base material. Here is a link the build thread, I busted the 30 days and it was closed.

Cribbage Board Series - Design Work - Gallery - Carbide 3D Community Site

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