Cribbage Board Series - Design Work

Got off work pretty late, but wanted to make some headway. Drilled the holes and checked for fit of the hourglass top. Everything turned out pretty good. Still disappointed in the bevel, not happy with the black epoxy thickness, but it is what it is.

Also did some marquetry and started preparing the box. The OG Curly Redwood held up a lot better than expected. I ended up glueing the curly maple for the inside of the box before putting everything together. I needed a little bit more stability of the softer redwood. Should be pretty neat once done. I got some cool plans for some inlays on the box.

I have the day off so going to make a big push to finish this tomorrow.



This is probably the most complex box I’ve made.

I ended up doing the the shoulder pockets on my table router as I was afraid of chipping the soft redwood. The contour was on the the machine.

Fit like a glove


I don’t know whether so am inspired or depressed by your posts. Most likely a little of both.

@CullenS you should see all my mistakes and toss aways, big thing is to do hard things and if it doesn’t turn out, rinse and repeat. My burn box is full of mistakes.

I’m cutting the splines right now, I’ve been going back and forth on using Osage Orange for the splines. I’m putting a 1/2” curely maple around the box as a border, and thinking using that yellow/gold to tie them into the box joint. Not sure if that’s not a good color combo, but wanted the box to tie into the cribbage board E color.

I got a free board of Bodark as a door prize at our woodworkers club. I looked up Bodark and could not find that anywhere. Then I found it is Bois D’Arc AKA Osage Orange. I guess the Bodark is Texas accent for Bois D’Arc. I truly hated working with it. Although it is pretty it is hard and hard on tools. What I really did not like was the yellow/orange dust every where in the shop.

Here is what I made out of the board.

The top was mesquite.

Here is what the board started out as.

My understanding is it will darken with age.


Very nice!! Yeah, it’s terrible to work with, but looks really nice at the finish line

Amazing work as always! Still waiting for that marquetry video. :wink:

Wow wow wow. You my friend are an artist!!! Amazing work. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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@Dezi Thanks!

Just a heads up, I’m cleaning the cut files in Fusion360 and will share this file after everything is done. Feel free to try it out!

I’m doing the finishing today and should have the build video done tonight.

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That is very kind of you! Looking forward to trying it. Another question: how do you epoxy the bevels and lettering without having the epoxy run out of those gaps since they are on an angle?

There’s 3 ways, which all require a build up of material to keep the epoxy inside the pocket.

1st way is the most preferred, I cleared out a majority of the material before doing the ball noise contour. When clearing out the material, leave enough material to create the barrier for the epoxy on the engraving and lines. Once cured, run the ball noise profile to clear everything out leaving you will the engraving and black lines within the profile.

2nd: cut the complete profile, use silicone to create the barrier for the epoxy to sit in. You have to build up the height.

(Not preferred!) 3rd: cut the profile, and use a hot glue gun to create the barrier for the epoxy to sit in.

Of course I went with option 3 because I didn’t plan my cut files correctly, and didn’t have any silicone on hand….leaving a terrible mess trying to cut all that out. Heat and glue just doesn’t translate when cutting. My bit was all gummed up and I had a mess on my hands, but it cut everything out. I won’t do that again.

In the video you can see just how bad it was.

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All finished up. A lot of lessons learned.

Making the video right now. Once I get all finished up I’ll hang the file.

Cheers everyone!


Incredible work. This is something else!!!

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The build video is below:

I also attached the Fusion360 File. Please use at your own risk, do not hesitate to reach out of you have any questions.

Update: Looks like the file will not upload as its not a support file. I guess private message if you would like it and I can send over email.

Update 2: Finally figured out how to use google. Here is the link to the file:

New Round Cribbage Board V.f3d - Google Drive



Fantastic work! Great video!

I think the post woodworking is perhaps the most time consuming and as hard as the woodwork itself. I am in a 2x4 contest in October and am currently taking pictures to document my build. Tedious and then the editing. Nice work all the way around. I am making a automaton to show.

Mine will be made from a 2x4. The picture is paper from an etsy purchase of $3.00

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Very nice!!! I’ve come to realize I spend the majority of my time on a computer instead of working in the shop. I still haven’t figured out the social media algorithm.

The social media algorithm is much like women. Once you think you have them figured out the rules change. :rofl:


Awesome video.

BUT……… where can I get plans for your crosscut sled? I love the 45 and the spline jig all as one.

Great work!


@Dezi I finished up the new design of the jig, in October I’m going to start making it. I will definitely post the file once it’s done. I added a shooting board jig to it.

Trying to get fancy with it :nerd_face: