Curious tool chsnger

The video below shows a new kind of spindle with an interesting tool change concept… wonder if it fits a Shapeoko

I saw that too. The actual power looked a bit underwhelming, though.


Watched that video last night, I did not care too much about the machine, but the “manual tool lock/unlock” mechanism on that spindle sure looks interesting! Someone, please hold @Luke’s beer again please


It’s a Mafell FM 1000 WS (PV-WS for 0-10V speed control).
Been mentioned a couple times in the forums. It is intriguing.


I would buy @Luke a case of beer if he’d just arrange for there to be a 43mm spindle mount, and if need be, a second one which would fit the Mafell FM 1000 WS which @DanStory linked to added to the Carbide 3D shop pages.

I keep advocating, and I keep asking, but it’s not been viewed as an appropriate option yet.


Think the biggest complaint I have with that FM 100 WS, is the ER16 collet adapter has only a max rating of 16K RPM. The other, someone else mentioned (but I couldn’t find the actual spec sheet), is the run out is worse than the 1050 FME-W DI. Depending on the materials you are trying to cut, probably not an issue, but can be with cutting metals.

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I watched the same video a couple of days ago and I agree with @neilferreri that the power of the spindle is a bit underwhelming, it is more adapted to the Nomad. While they provide good precision, the cost of these spindles is also fairly expensive.

The tool holding mechanism, on the other hand, looks very good and maybe with more engineering and fine-tuning, it could be made to automatically open drop the tool then pick another one, close and continue. One of the problems is when tools have different shank sizes like I use regularly for my projects, it would need to change the collet and the endmill.

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I couldn’t resist, and finally broke down and bought one — working on getting it set up now:

just need some bolts (should arrive Saturday) and to finish working up various dust collection options.